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The Span-America Isch-Dish seat cushion is the most direct seating solution for those with; or at high risk for; pressure sores at the ischium or coccyx. It promotes healthful; upright posture by cont

Isch-Dish Thin

The Isch-Dish Thin by Span-America is ideal for pressure relief; positioning and pain relief. It is 1.25″ lower than the standard Isch-Dish making it ideal for use with hemi-chairs; off

Coccyx Relief Foam

The Coccyx Relief Foam Cushion from the Comfort Company is a basic coccyx cushion designed to alleviate pressure in the tail-bone area.What Makes This DifferentGet a personalized fit&nb

Donut Ring

The Donut Ring Cushion from The Comfort Company provides relief for tail-bone pain with its ergonomic design and comfort foam support. What Makes This DifferentThe Comfort Company has desig

Fleece Comfort Ring Cushion

Foam provides improved air circulation. Removable; machine washable polyester/cotton cover with fleece for added soft comfort. What Makes This DifferentThis cushion conforms to the body

Molded Foam Comfort Ring

The Molded Comfort Ring from Nova provides comfort and support for users who find themselves sitting for long periods of time.The removable; machine washable polyester/cotton cover comes in two color

Inflatable Rubber Cushion

Helps to relieve lower back and tail bone discomfort. Helps to prevent ulcers and the discomfort from hemorrhoids or episiotomies. Conforms to the body; contours to provide comfort and support when si

Coccyx Cushion

This cushion has a gel/foam combination that provides pressure relief; prevents minor skin irritations; and improves weight distribution. It has a removable; machine washable polyester/cotton cover an

3″ Coccyx Foam

3″ Foam Coccyx Cushion for 18″ x 16″ wheelchair – with cover. The Coccyx cutout reduces pressure on the tailbone and spine while also reducing soreness and equalizing pressure. The cove

Memory Foam Coccyx

Covered in a soft and luxurious charcoal blue Velour fabric; the Nova Memory Foam Coccyx cushion will cradle you in comfort. The coccyx cutout reduces pressure on the tail bone and spine; while the me