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Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Gel Memory Mattress by Flex-A-Bed provides a truly luxurious sleeping surface. This mattress features high-end construction; with a plush; foam top; suede borders and durable and non-skid bottom l

Latex Mattress

The Latex Mattress by Flex-A-Bed provides optimal support and comfort while you sleep. The natural rubber latex surface provides a luxurious; custom-molded sleep surface while remaining breathable. Th

Memory Foam Mattress

The Memory Foam Mattress by Flex-A-Bed will ensure you have a luxurious night’s sleep. This mattress features a Visco memory foam layer that is laminated to the dense; polyurethane foam core; cr

Low Profile Mattress

The Low Profile Mattress by Flex-A-Bed features the same; rich design of other Flex-A-Bed mattresses; but takes the height of the mattress down 6″. The Low Profile Mattress’ height is idea

Inner Spring Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Flex-A-Bed is known for it’s high quality American made mattresses; and the Premier Innerspring is one of the best. Steel coil springs provide comfortable support; under the plush; quilt top cov

Innerspring Memory Foam Combo Mattress

The Innerspring Memory Foam Combo Mattress by Flex-A-Bed features a unique dual construction of durable innersprings and Visco memory foam. This combination allows for a sleep surface that is as comfo