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Deluxe Adjustable Bed Frame

Sleep-Ezz’s Deluxe line of adjustable bed frames is designed to suit the needs of bariatric patients. With the ability to support up to 600 lbs; this bed is sturdy and reliable. This quality frame

Standard Adjustable Bed Frame

The Standard Line of Adjustable Beds are diverse and reliable so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs! With specially designed; heavy duty motors; your bed frame raises and lowers to fi

Contemporary II

The Contemporary II adjustable bed frame by RIZE combines the latest modern amenities with exceptional levels of comfort. From the ultra-adjustable deck to the wireless programmable controller; the Co


The Cresta adjustable bed frame by RIZE is a premium; top-of-the-line frame for those who want complete comfort and modern conveniences. The Cresta boasts a deck-on-deck design with separate

Economy Adjustable Bed Frames

Sleep-Ezz’s Economy Adjustable Bed Frame is durable and sturdy with many features of more expensive products. This frame is made of cold rolled steel; which is twice as thick as it’s competito

Acid Reflux Adjustable Bed Frame

The Sleep-Ezz Acid Reflux Bed helps to reduce the moving of acid up the esophagus by placing your head in an elevated position while you sleep. This bed is specifically designed for the treatment of G

Reverie 8SL Frame

Reverie strives to offer the very best in comfort; features; and technology in their products and the 8SL is no exception. The 8SL adjustable bed frame is the most luxurious model of the Reverie produ

Premier Frame

Flex-A-Bed’s Premier Frame is so convenient; you’ll never know how you lived without it! This model comes standard with a high-density foundation and heavy-duty base made with Advantech materi

Reverie 5SL Frame

The 5SL Frame by Reverie is an exceptional mid-level model adjustable bed. Of the SL series; the 5SL bed is everything you would need in an adjustable bed but it’s upgraded with a few features t

Reverie 3SL Frame

The Reverie 3SL Sleep System is durable and comfortable; so you can be sure you are getting the adjustable bed sleeping system that is right for you! You have the ability to control both the head and

Hi Low Frame

The Flex-A-Bed Hi Low Frame will adjust with you to make sure you sleep comfortably through the night. This bed frame is fully adjustable with head; foot; and hi-low height adjustablility. These frame

Value-Flex Frame

The Flex-A-Bed Value-Flex Frame allows your to customize your frame to fit your needs! This frame has features such as head and foot controls and brackets which allow you to easily attach your existin