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    • Evolv Adult Glider

      The EasyStand Evolv Glider provides state-of-the-art Active Standing technology that can be found in no other stander. Active Standing provides lower body range of motion and Read More »
    • Replacement Wheelchair Cushion Covers

      Roho Replacement Wheelchair Cushion Covers are available to fit all Roho Cushions and are available in a standard Universal type or a Heavy Duty more durable Read More »
    • ZooMe Auto-Flex

      The ZooMe Auto-Flex takes folding travel scooters to the next level. The ZooMe Auto-Flex folds and unfolds electronically. Once folded; the ZooMe is incredibly compact for Read More »
    • Folding Paddle Walker

      The Medline Folding Paddle Walker provides an easy push or pull paddle mechanism for users with limited hand movement or dexterity. These paddles control each side Read More »
    • Jay Union

      The Jay Union cushion from Sunrise Medical combines a Visco foam top layer with a middle gel fluid-layer to create the ultimate high performance cushion; and Read More »
    • Zephyr Everyday

      With a basketball roller standard and up to 20 degrees of camber; the Colours ZePHYR ultra lightweight wheelchair will make you a contender on and off Read More »
    • Companion 3-Wheel Scooter

      The new Golden Companion full-size three-wheel scooter offers more legroom and a wider front deck than the Companion Mid-Size scooter. It is three inches longer and Read More »
    • Remedy Phytoplex Antifungal Powder

      Medline’s Remedy Phytoplex Antifungal Powder treats a wide variety of fungal infections for everyone over two years old. Phytoplex botanicals combine with Miconazole Nitrate; the active Read More »
    • Basket for 4214 Mini Mack

      Before ordering please check with a SpinLife Representative for compatibility. Hooks Face Outward. Read More »
    • Q-Grip Handrim; each

      The Q-Grip Handrim from Out-Front uses an exclusive anti-slip neoprene coating that provides an outstanding grip on any part of the handrim. The Q-Grip is great Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • Tri-Fold Bedside Mat

      The TRI-Fold Bedside Safety Mat from NYOrtho protects your patient from bed fall injuries! If you or a loved one has a tendency to fall out Read More »
    • Walker Wheel – 3″ Fixed

      Front wheel footpieces not only allow you to easily maneuver over surfaces which provide difficulty for walker users but they also provide a more natural walking Read More »
    • Latex Mattress

      The Latex Mattress by Flex-A-Bed provides optimal support and comfort while you sleep. The natural rubber latex surface provides a luxurious; custom-molded sleep surface while remaining Read More »
    • Zipper Open Anterior Trunk Support

      The Zipper Open Anterior Trunk Support by Jay features a unique opening and closure system; while providing optimal support to the torso. The support helps with Read More »
    • P350

      The P350 from Harmar is designed to be used on existing cement decks and its versatile neutral design will blend with your outdoor furniture nicely. Standard Read More »
    • Contour Select

      The ROHO Contour Select wheelchair cushion’s contoured design combined with the simple operation of the air flow control unit; ISOFLO Memory Control; provides a new level Read More »
    • Quad Cuff Gloves

      The Quad Cuff Gloves from Harness make getting around easier and more comfortable than ever before. Featuring a durable rubber push surface and a unique fingerless Read More »
    • Victory Sport

      The Victory Sport is a well-appointed outdoor scooter that will get up and go! With a top speed of 8 MPH; you’ll enjoy tooling around town Read More »
    • High-Profile Smart Check Cushion

      The new High-Profile Smart Check Cushion by ROHO is a one-of-a-kind aircell cushion that ensures your cushion is inflated to your customized needs. The High-Profile Smart Read More »
    • Quick-Lock Raised Toilet Seat

      Carex’s Quick-Lock Raised Toilet Seat is a convenient and quick solution to helping those who need additional assistance in the bathroom. Designed for those who need Read More »
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